Friday, February 18, 2011

Free speech restrained successfully.

Apparently Hillary Clinton was giving a speech about condemning governments that arrest protesters and don't allow free speech at George Washington University a few days ago.  Much like the governing body of Iran in their support of the people of Egypt while silencing protests at home, the former first lady showed great resolve continuing her speech while someone silently interrupting her was dealt with.

The man, Ray McGovern, is a 71 year old retired CIA analyst.  He was reputedly standing up facing away from her in silent protest regarding her speech.  He was blind-sided by security forces and forcefully taken away.  This occurred within plain sight of the Secretary of State while she was speaking.  She did a splendid job of not interrupting her message despite this silent objector being dealt with.  She even had the poise necessary to ignore his lone cry of "Is this America?".  Without missing a beat she managed to deliver her message with great aplomb.

Thankfully we live in a tolerant nation where people have the right to speak freely and not have their pleas ignored by the reigning government.  In the US, everyone has a voice in how the government operates and the participation of the masses should be a shining example of what can be achieved when everyone works together.

/sarcasm: If this doesn't scare you, nothing will.  This man was silently protesting Mrs. Clinton and facing away from her when he was attacked by security guards.  His actions may be considered rude, but if you were to silently face away from someone and their friends attacked you, all kinds of legal actions could be taken (unless you are Hillary Clinton of course).

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